Platform Planks

Plank #1

Powering Our Party With Clean Money:

The days of pay-to-play are over. As controller, I’ll build on recent reforms and make sure our party is funded by clean money — contributions made by small donors like you and me who know the power of our collective action, not corporate interests looking for special favors. We’ve seen what small grassroots donations can do. Just last year, small donors flipped the U.S. Senate and sent Joe Biden and Kamala Harris to the White House. I’ll deploy what we know works and innovate in new areas to build a successful fundraising program centered on the idea that small-dollar, recurring donations are the future of our party. We need to build a California Democratic Party that works for all Californians — and that starts by being a party powered by all of us.

Plank #2

Stewarding A Strong Party:

The “good ol' days” didn't work for a lot of us in the past — and they aren’t going to work now. Working with the individual 58 county parties, I’ll make sure our party centers justice, equity, and our collective power in the decisions I make as your controller.

Plank #3

Ensuring Our Party Is An Actively Anti-racist Organization:

Rooting out racism in our party, our communities and our society requires action. That's why I will ensure our party is an actively anti-racist organization working to end racial bias, systemic racism and the oppression of marginalized groups in our communities. As controller, I’ll do that by uplifting BIPOC voices and working with the CDP Black, Arab American, Asian Pacific Islander, Chicano Latino, Filipino American, and Native American caucuses to promote programs and policies that address inequities, and make sure our party represents the diversity of the Golden State.

Plank #4

Building A Bigger Table For Working People:

From Cesar Chavez, Dolores Huerta, and Alice Goff to Larry Itliong and Verdia Daniels, Californians have always been leaders in the labor movement — and we won't stop now. We need to make sure all working people have the right to form a union and have a voice in our collective democracy. As your controller, I will ensure our party continues to fight with and for working people. Period.

Plank #5

Supporting And Uplifting The Next Generation Of Leaders:

We need to support the next generation of leaders by uplifting their voices, work, and priorities. That’s why I’ll work closely with California Young Democrats and local Democratic clubs, to make sure our party reflects our members and invests in the next generation of Democrats.

Plank #6

Building And Supporting Grassroots Infrastructure:

Grassroots organizing wins campaigns. It’s that simple. As a party, we must make strategic investments to empower community organizers and make investments in infrastructure that builds engagement — and power — year-round. To build a true grassroots movement we need to do more than just knock on doors before an election — we need to meaningfully engage in our communities one person at a time, 365 days a year. The next Stacey Abrams might be right here in California, and I want to make sure that activists and organizers have the resources to succeed.

Plank #7

Addressing Systemic Inequities:

Working families were struggling before this pandemic. Now things have only gotten worse. We can’t just return to the status quo — this is our moment as a party and as a state to build a better and more equitable future. As your controller, I will fight for progressive policies that improve lives and empower working people, people of color, and those hit hardest by this pandemic.
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